Recently, the New City editorial board spent a day together to focus on what New City is trying to achieve. One of practical tasks was to revisit the 'vision statement' which appears every month on the inside back cover of the magazine. It is one of those pages which is so familiar that readers perhaps read it once and never read it again.

This is what we agreed that day:
New City is an expression of the Focolare Movement, which takes as its inspiration Jesus' prayer to the Father "May they all be one" (Jn 17: 21).
    Over the last seven decades Focolare has grown from a small community of around five hundred in Trent, northern Italy, to a worldwide community of several hundred thousand people of all ages and backgrounds. It has also spread beyond the confines of the Roman Catholic Church, to many other Christian traditions, to other faiths and people of good will.
    New City works to promote mutual understanding and respect through dialogue. Together with our readers we want to discover how to 'build bridges' in the different sectors of society and in personal life. We are convinced that dialogue, based on mutual love, is the only way to build a more united world which is based on universal values such as justice, equality, truth and peace.

Does this fit in with your understanding of the magazine? The editorial board is eager to hear your views and is delighted to receive correspondence from readers on any of the issues that New City raises.

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