August-September 2018

No 525 - Vol 48

Cover photo: ©Caris Mendes



By Paul Gateshill

Together on the wings of unity

Mustafa and Fatimah Merali report on their recent trip to the Focolare town of Loppiano followed by a conference on Muslim/Christan dialogue in Rome. Pat Whitney accompanied the group of Muslims from Britain and shares her impressions of the trip to Loppiano and Rome.


God’s special friend

We continue with the new series on the ‘pioneers of the Focolare’. Fr Jonathan Cotton pays tribute to his his fellow Benedictine, Fr Maurus Green.


The road to zero hunger

Our so-called civilized, 21st century society is still plagued by the scandal of mass hunger. More than 800 million of our fellow human beings do not have enough to eat. New City reports on the visit last June, of 630 girls (aged 9 to 14) from the Focolare Movement, to the headquarters of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome, in support of the Zero Hunger project.

For further information see here


Dialogue with Chiara Lubich

Over the many years of dialogue between Chiara and members of the Movement, one theme kept re-occurring: the search for a greater union with God, for a deeper interior life. And this was often linked with a desire for a greater unity with Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Extracts from Mary, flower of Humanity by Chiara Lubich. Published by New City 2017


Encounter with a stranger

Michal Siewniak shares how a simple act of kindness can help overcome disappointment during the World Cup.


Word of Life – August 2018

I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you (Jer. 31: 3).

Jesus made it possible for us to imitate the Father’s love for all. He showed us that the vocation of every man and woman is to contribute personally to building relationships of acceptance and dialogue.


Word of Life – September 2018

Welcome with meekness the implanted word that has the power to save your souls (Jam. 1: 21).

We need to ‘still ourselves’ and ‘surrender’ to God’s call, so as to listen freely and courageously to his voice which is usually gentle and quiet.


The boys in the boat

Robbie Young reflects on those rare transcendent moments, when we experience being one with our fellow human beings.


The forty rules of love

Paul Gateshill reviews a book by the French born Turkish author Elif Shafak. Published by Penguin Books (2011)


Being a mother

‘I must behave as if I were this person’s mother’, and then act accordingly.


Taking a break

Trish Brophy tempts us with her own recipe for a French dish, Tartiflette.


Could have…

A short poem by Jim Deeds.

From ‘Gym for the soul’ by Jim Deeds. Published by New City 2018



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